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Carol Callan discusses omission of Candace Parker from Olympic Team

Apr 27, 2016

In a press conference held earlier today to discuss the announcement of the 2016 United States women's Olympic basketball team, national team director Carol Callan addressed the decision to omit Candace Parker, a decorated Olympian, from the team.

"Candace is a great player. She's a two‑time Olympian," Callan said. "She's done a lot for us in the past, since she was in high school. As a committee, we don't get into specifics speaking about each player publically. Needless to say, there are a lot of deliberations. We have a committee for a reason. Every player has an advocate, and in that case, it's not just one person who is making a decision. So, I may not be able to satisfy your question with an answer specifically of why or why not, but I think what it does speak to is that we have incredible depth on this team. We have ten Olympians, as you mentioned, from 2012. We had five more newcomers in the World Championship. That's 15 athletes, without even considering some of the emerging young players that we have currently.  We're looking at depth and talent at each position, and there are just a lot of numbers games that are played at that 3‑4 position. That is the strength of our team. So, we appreciate Candace. It's not an easy call to make. It's not an easy call to hear, from her perspective. And yet what we are trying to do is pick a team collectively that we feel has the best chance to win the gold medal, and we think we've done that."