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Finding her groove! Moriah Jefferson is Swisher of the Night

Jun 5, 2016

I admit it. If you had said to me Breanna Stewart would earn Disher of the Night and Moriah Jefferson Swisher of the NIght I would have said you got it backwards.

That is exactly what happened the last two nights though; Stewart was Friday night's Disher after dropping nine assists for Seattle, and now Jefferson is the Swisher of the night for her performance against the Los Angeles Sparks last night.

It was a battle of rookies for Swisher of the night, even though both of their teams fell to the two remaining unbeaten teams. Great job by in illustrating their breakout games here.

Dallas' Ariel Powers scored 20 points in their loss to Minnesota, hitting 7-of-19 shots including three three-pointers.

Jefferson, in the Stars' loss to Los Angeles, scored 18 points on 7-of-12 shooting, including two three-pointers.

She scored ten in the first half, including four when the Sparks threatened to blow the Stars out early, making an 11-2 deficit 11-6.

Then in the third quarter, Jefferson scored four points as part of an 11-2 run to pull the Stars to 47-43.

San Antonio could not sustain the momentum, and the Sparks went on to a 74-61 victory to raise their record to 7-0.

Still, it was by far the best offensive output from the rookie point guard, who only scored in double figures one other time this season and had not hit 50 percent of her shots before last night.

If San Antonio is going to win some games, Jefferson will have to build on this success.

Congratulations to Moriah Jefferson, our Swisher of the Night for June 4th!