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Jun 10, 2016

Lauren Hill captured our hearts and our minds with her dramatic struggle against brain cancer last season.

This weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee, along with the induction of Sherri Coale, June Courteau, Joe Lombard, Jackie Stiles, Bill Tipps (posthumously) and Natalie Williams, the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame is honoring Hill by awarding her the "For the Love of the Game" Inspiration and Courage Award. This is the first ever inspiration and courage award. 

It is our pleasure to welcome Mel Greenberg, the Guru of women's basketball to Dishin & Swishin.  It was Greenberg, along with the AP's Doug Feinberg that came up with the idea of honoring Hill in such a manner. Greenberg also was involved with the WBCA honoring Hill with the Pat Summitt award for courage.

Greenberg discusses the process of creating this honor, how it was decided, and what will happen this weekend.

Congratulations to the family of Lauren Hill on her award; it is an honor well earned.